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Expected objectives of the project:

This project has art (painting, dancing and singing) as the focal point, emphasizing ways the young people in Poland and Sweden are taught art at school and the role which the local council has in the process of supporting local artists in their commune. Furthermore it aims at motivating young people to take up art as a hobby and then as a way to lead an interesting and full life. Art is something that makes people´s lives better in a way that it drags them away from commerciality and boredom as well as from crime and drugs and other dangers of the commercialized world. The project is supposed to help students
and adult local artists of both communes to improve their skills, learn about European art, compare how different we are and what we have in common. What European worths are the most important to us.

Skolbarn i Strzebin
The project will teach tolerance for difference in culture and, what is the most important, break the stereotypes in relation to each other. Polish and Swedish choirs, dance groups instructors and art teachers will learn folk dances and songs as well as painting techniques. The students will meet foreign artists and will have the chance to practice foreign songs and dances and also their abilities to speak and understand English as the means of communication in the project.

The main objectives of the project are:
-increasing the awareness for our European heritage
-acquiring and improving the artistic skills among students
-expressing individual feelings
-personal development
-training the pedagogical stuff
-compensate the lack of beauty in the boring rural area life
-improving language skills.

Expected main results:
The final products will be an art album containing the paitings of the local polish and Swedish artists, a CD with songs from the partner regions and a videoclip with folk dances.

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