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Welcome to Bräcke Municipality

This is a municipality with fascinating contrasts, both in its landscape and its population. High mountains and beautiful valleys, glittering lakes and ancient forests. There is real optimism, a will to develop, as well as a natural urge to care for the environment, culture and the people that live here.

Visitors receive an extra warm welcome, especially those who come to stay. Over the last few years we have successfully worked towards increasing the number of people moving to the municipality. Many new businesses have been established, both large and small, with ideas and skills that generate jobs and products with a wide reach — far out into the world — from a place in the middle of the world, which we hope you want to see more of.

Welcome to a municipality with vast forests, seven hundred lakes and the best beer in Sweden!

Sidan publicerad 2019-01-25 av Stina Hylén