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Set up a business

Bräcke Municipality is home to many entrepreneurial people, who have created a rich and varied trade and industry. Sweden’s best beer is brewed here, delicious goat’s cheese is made on local farms and the goats graze in the surrounding landscape. Many food artisans have won prizes and awards for their superb products.

The forests are the foundation of our industry and companies in the timber industry are important employers. Tourism also provides opportunities for making a living, with smart entrepreneurs who create experiences using fishing, hunting and the natural world, both summer and winter.

The municipality works closely with local and regional businesses, organisations, universities and other public agencies, and monitors the interests of companies in terms of communication and infrastructure.

As a business owner you and your business are subject to many different rules and regulations. Many of these apply to all types of businesses, while others are more industry specific. Most regulations are national, but there are rules and regulations that are applicable only within Bräcke municipality. We are happy to help you find your way. Contact us at

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